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The Grand theft auto game has been hitting record sales across the globe. The game is made for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As from December 2008, you can use it for Microsoft Windows. The game has been developed Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. This is the eleventh title for the popular game series and involves a fictional city Liberty City.

For those who are wondering how do they play the game on their Android phones, we have the GTA four APK download here. We offer a secure way to download the file through a simple step by step process. Once GTA 4 APK is installed on your Android phone, you will be able to play the game and enjoy some great game features.

The graphics in these game are out of this world with an excellent soundtrack. If you played GTA: Vice city then you will surely enjoy GTA 4 APK. While the developers have yet to develop a mobile version of the game you can download the GTA 4 APK here and be able to carry with you the game everywhere.

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What is GTA 4 APK Plot?

The game follows the life of Niko Bellic who is a recent immigrant and who has always wanted to experience the American dream. He gets to live in Liberty City where he finds himself dragged into the underworld. Niko works with his cousin Roman who helps him become one of the most feared crime bosses in liberty. There are loan sharks that Niko has borrowed money from, and they are after his life. Liberty city where the game takes place has three islands which you can easily visit. The game is played in third-party perspective and in single player you get to play Niko. The game allows for multiple players, and you can have up to 32 players.Get your GTA 4 APK Now

Niko arrives at liberty city aboard a ship called Platypus. He meets his cousin Roman who besides having marketed this idea that he lives in luxury lives in debts from loan sharks. Niko while visiting the city meets brokers like little Jacob and Michele; Niko develops a relationship with the two. Niko will continuously find himself defending his cousin Roman from loan sharks. At some point in GTA APK Niko id forced to work for Vlad Glebov, a loan shark who has loaned Roman some money.

Niko kills Vlad and him and his cousin are kidnapped by members of the liberty city bratva. Niko then goes to work for a gang leader called Mikhail Faustin who orders him to assassinate the son of Kenny Petrovic who happens to be very powerful in the Bratva. The plot then continues in a series of assassinations against Faustin.

At some point, Niko and Roman are forced to flee Bohan after Dimitri orders an arson attack on their apartment. The cat and mouse games continue as Dimitri kidnaps Roman while trying to get to Niko. There is a double agent in GTA 4 APK called Michelle who tries to trap Niko to work for her company United Liberty paper. In order for Niko to get rid of all the dirt, the cops have on him he has to go on an assassination spree of some terrorists. Things turn around for Roman when he gets some insurance money which he uses to turn around his taxi business.

Roman gets married but is killed by a stray bullet that was targeted at Niko by Dimitri. Niko then has to choose whether to go after Dimitri and get revenge. At Romans wedding, there is a lot of shooting that ends up killing Niko’s new girlfriend, Kate.  Download GTA APK here.

How do you play GTA 4?

As a player, you will find that their missions that you need to complete to progress to the next level. You can run more than one mission at a given point in time as you wait for further instructions. Besides the missions, players can explore other games in the open world. You can begin by exploring two islands – dukes and broker – as you wait for other islands to unlock. You will have an arsenal of explosives, firearms to defend yourself against enemies. GTA 4 APK enables you to jump, run, swim and switch vehicles as you progress through the missions.

You will have to watch your health as this can be depleted; to get back to the top shape you will have to use medical kits or by eating. If you are involved in a crime, then the law enforcement agencies will be after your head, and a wanted sign will be displayed on your screen. There are also different levels of being wanted, and when you get the maximum six-star, then the law agencies become more aggressive in their quest to apprehend you. The wanted slows down when you are hidden from sight from law enforcement agencies.

The game revolves around Niko, during the play he makes many friends who help him later. For example, he has a cousin called Roman who owns a taxi business, and he can send a cab to Niko when he needs it. You can engage in other games within the game itself such as darts, bowling, a vigilante mini-game and an in-game television Programme. You also have a subway system for navigation, but most players use cabs to find their way through the city.

The game includes a Multi-player game mode that includes more than 32 players. Players can choose a game mode and can engage in street races and death matches. Games can also be ranked and unranked, for ranks you will have to earn some money. In free mode, you have an open map which gives you more exploration capabilities. You can get LAN capabilities in windows mode. Get GTA APK download here.

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GTA 4 Game Production

Production of GTA 4 APK started in November 2004, which was after the release of GTA: San Andreas. It is believed that over 150 gamers worked on the game. The game has improved graphics which makes it very realistic. The setting for Liberty city is New York which offers a more vibrant lifestyle. The gamers were very attention detailed, and you will find some familiar streets. Though they adjusted the settings a bit to prevent a case of a block by block representation of New York City. You do not find a lot of open spaces in liberty city like the ones in San Andreas. GTA 4 APK has a lot of detail when it comes to the buildings used. The teams designing the game made several trips to New York for research and development. This has made the scenery as realistic as possible. Even the music was similar to songs regular New Yorkers listen to. The music supervisor had to pay up to $5,000 per track to give GTA 4 APK that unique soundtrack.

Around August 2008 Rockstar made an announcement to have a Microsoft Windows version of GTA 4 APK. The version has better features that include traffic density control and a replay editor. You can also use Windows Live for online play. By February 2017 the Xbox version was had backward compatibility for Xbox One.

GTA 4 APK received a lot of positive reviews especially from critics who were mesmerized by the main character, Niko. Many commented that the characters had a lot of depth and were very charismatic. The combat system was found to more responsive than in previous games. The sound system is quite good, and you can listen to it on Liberty cities 19 radio stations. Many have found the multi-player mode to very responsive. You can play the game by downloading GTA APK here.

What are some of GTA 4 APK controversies?

Many have criticized the game developers for letting the main character Niko to drive while under the influence of alcohol. In some places like Australia, the game was edited so as to get the necessary approvals by the Australian Classification system. The is still unedited PC version. In the United States, there have been reports of the game players perpetuating crimes like theft or even carjacking’s. The game has lots of violent scenes, and therefore parental guidance is recommended.

How to Install GTA 4 APKGet your GTA 4 APK Now

Many people started playing GTA with vice city, but as new versions have come into place, gamers have to keep up with recent developments. You can now play GTA 4 on your Android phone or iOS. This can be done when you download GTA 4 APK here. You will first need an Android phone of version 4 and above. Once you download the APK, you will now be able to play the game on your Android phone. The game is yet available for download on Google play store. To download the files, you may need a Wi-Fi connection. While you will have many sites online with the GTA 4 APK for download some of these sites are not to be trusted. We offer a very secure way to download the game. You however not be able to run the file on older versions of Android phones. You can download GTA APK here.

GTA 4 APK installation Android phone

  1. You will first need to download the GTA 4 APK from here
  2. After download, you should find the APK file in the download folder
  3. If you find a download error or are unable to download the file then go to settings> security>tap on unknown sources. Click allow download from unknown
  4. You will also need to install the OBB DATA here
  5. Extract the OBB file from the zip file
  6. You then can launch GTA 4 game and start playing

Compatibility and Security

The biggest problem with GTA 4 APK download is that you can download the file from questionable sources and ruin your phone. We have carefully tested and run our APK download to ensure that there are no bugs or no harm will be caused to your phone. The GTA 4 APK which you can download here is compatible with Android 4 and above phones. It is very easy to download the game here, and the steps are simple.

Customer support

When you download the GTA 4 APK here, you are assured of 24/7 customer care.  We have ensured that you get the latest GTA 4 APK download. We are here to answer any questions that you may have concerning the game and our customer care support team is well trained to handle any issues. We have noted that there are a lot of GTA 4 APK downloads out there that have caused concern amongst customers. Many players can attest to the sound working of our downloads. Rockstar has yet to introduce the GTA 4 version for Android phones, and that is why you need to download the GTA 4 APK here. The only games you can play are GTA vice city and San Andreas. The best part about installing GTA 4 APK is that you can carry your game everywhere that you go.

Final ThoughtsGet your GTA 4 APK Now

GTA 4 APK is a great game for those who like a good plot with lots of drive-by shooting scenes. The game has excellent graphics and a soundtrack to die for. GTA 4 while not available for mobile phones can still be played by downloading the GTA 4 APK. We know that many customers are apprehensive to download .APK files online due to security reasons but we have made your security a top priority. You can download the GTA 4 APK for Android 4 and above phones. This enables you to carry the game wherever you go. In case you do face problems our customer care team is here to settle any queries that you may have. Our site is secure and we have tested our .APK files for any bugs. We have served many satisfied customers with each download.